Assess Your Child’s Risk of Developing Myopiamyopia care

Childhood myopia can cause eye disorders and pathologies in later life, some of  which are sight threatening.
This quick calculator uses the latest research to estimate the risk of developing high myopia and the eye diseases associated with the myopic eye.

Reducing myopia progression can benefit individuals by

  • reducing spectacle lens thickness

  • reducing the dependency on spectacles

  • but most importantly reducing the risk of myopic eye disease*.

*Myopic Eye Disease is caused when the eye elongates in myopia and this stretching of the tissues of the eye causes weaknesses to occur in the back of the eye. Increasing the risk of retinal detachment and myopic macular degeneration, but also significantly increase the risk of Glaucoma and cataract. If you looking for an Eye Care Specialist near you, we can offer you a list of accredited Myopia Eye Care Practitioners.

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